Features that Make Our ERP Software the Best in the Market

Posted @ 30-01-2021

Today I happened to come across and stumble upon Vinew Technologies while doing my weekly roundup of the popular ERP software, and I was greatly intrigued since it looked like a special something set it apart from the others.

Vinew Technologies is familiar technology-driven company that is serving several clients. Vinew Technologies adeptly focuses majorly over ERP and POS development to bring a major drift in the relevant industry. 

Features that make our ERP software the best in the market:

  1. Easy integration with the sites developed with Woocommerce, Wordpress, Magento and many more which helps in handling the website from your ERP software directly.
  2. A fully equipped single-window ERP software for restaurants that can be integrated with the food delivery partners to track and get updated with the status of the delivery.
  3. Track your orders and supplies from the ERP software itself. Our expert team can help you to integrate the system with the Freight partners like DHL nd FedEx to make your business more convenient for you to handle.
  4. Update your customer and orders placed through Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and many. A real single-window ERP system that will help you to manage social media handles from it.

They are superlative to empower your business with the best ERP software that accompanies throughout the major operations and help to keep on track with the data about your business.  The developers in Vinew Technologies will build and deliver tailor-made software for businesses that let you stay ahead and bump off your competitors. 

You can also handle your retail business in a single window with the help of our single window ERP and POS system. More specifically their system makes your business easier to handle with the inbuilt features.

Experience single window ERP and POS software delivered by Vinew Technologies stands apart from the other quality solutions available in the market. So with the immense versatility and the possibility that their system offers in terms of features always stands as an endeavour for others to follow.

Get Best out from Vinew Technologies

Vinew Technologies is a technology-driven company that is serving numerous clients for more than 4 years. The Company has its own benchmarks in every possible aspect in terms of technology that we work. Vinew Technologies also focuses majorly over ERP Development Company in UK and POS development to bring a major drift in the relevant industry.