Why Tracking Function is very Important for an ERP

Posted @ 11-12-2020

It is illustrated that one of the greatest aspects of ERP solutions is their ability to offer comprehensive visibility. The most obvious example of this is supply chain visibility. Many ERP systems today have the technology to track finished products as well as raw materials from manufacture to delivery.

In addition much of this is made possible by the high level of integration ERP systems provide. Since all your applications can send and receive information, tracking materials is a simple process. This level of visibility permits users to understand and foresee issues such as delays and stock outages.

In addition to tracking tangible objects, ERP allows users to track information. This adeptly includes sales, production statistics, staff productivity and more. ERP systems offer a multitude of tools to track different sets of information. Sales are often tracked in CRM tools, staff productivity may be tracked in an HR module and production statistics can be found in manufacturing analysis tools. ERP systems also permit users to set up alerts for certain events, keeping them up to date on the most important activities.

More importantly ERP is a powerful data management solution. It streamlines business operations by automating the bulk of data-driven processes, performing extensive data analysis and providing accurate data management, all within an intuitive, integrated framework. If you’re actually thinking that an ERP is the right solution for your firm, you should start looking for a system that has all the features your business needs with the help of popular Vinew Technologies.

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