ERP Software Development Company

Our company delivers ERP software that can be customised and scaled based on the nature of the business. With the team of expertise over 4+ years and extensive knowledge, our team can develop an ERP software based on the requirements. Our ERP software helps clients to improve their business standard and to manage the business entities with absolute ease. The features that we provide not only improves the business handling but also our ERP software is capable of assisting the client in terms of marketing and in promoting the business.

We develop the ERP software solutions by associating with the market leaders, this makes our
Enterprise resource planning software the best in the market.

Plugin Integration

ERP Software Created by our team is scalable and flexible enough to adapt any kind of plugin that increases the efficiency of the software and reduces the work of the user.

Microsoft SQL

Making our ERP software systems more standard and efficient, we rely on Microsoft SQL for databases as it provides flexible querying to access the records and columns based on the needs.

Custom Development

Our strong development team can help you to develop a completely new ERP system to suit any kind of complicated business and its nature. With the strong team in C#, Dot.NET and Python, we can develop and deliver a custom solution at an affordable cost.

Features that make our software the best in the market

  • Easy integration with the sites developed with Woocommerce, Wordpress, Magento and many more which helps in handling the website from your ERP software directly.
  • A fully equipped single-window ERP software for restaurants that can be integrated with the food delivery partners to track and get updated with the status of the delivery.
  • Track your orders and supplies from the ERP software itself. Our expert team can help you to integrate the system with the Freight partners like DHL nd FedEx to make your business more convenient for you to handle.
  • Update your customer and orders placed through Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and many. A real single-window ERP system that will help you to manage social media handles from it.
Our Service

Product Management

Managing the products and the related information about the product is handled efficiently with our software. A single entry about the product will help you to upload about the product in the places where you want to display it

Customer’s management

Manage your customers and the data about the purchases they made. With the systematic structure of the database, you can be able to track the customers and the purchases they do regularly..

Supplier’s management

Handle the vendors effectively with the help of our software. Our ERP Software will help you to strategize the way to improve your business and to handle the quantity, supply chain, expenses and other important aspects of supply.

Inventory Management

Our one point inventory management ERP software makes your business less stressful by helping you to handle the inventories, product quantity in stock, orders and deliveries with accurate data.

Sales Management

Sales operations including billing, making invoice, invoice reminder, total sales order, outstanding payment, sales report generation can be handled with the help of our Sales management software.

Purchase management

Purchase or procurement management can be handled with ease. Our purchase management system helps you to review, to schedule the purchase, to analyse the requirement etc

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