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Utilising advanced technologies is very important for the improvement of business to adapt the future. Vinew Technologies provides you with cloud based POS Solution in both software and hardware setup to make your retail business process to be more optimized and to run the business on your own terms.

Our customized solution provides you the flexibility to run the business and to handle the transaction without any difficulty and it will help you to keep track of the actions being performed. With the help of our system, retail transactions can be managed systematically and swiftly.

POS for Restaurant

The merchants of a restaurant can have more advantage to attain their profit in a simplified way of tracking and monitoring their everyday sales process by using our automated cloud based restaurant pos software. Take care of the orders, delivery and even you can handle multiple branches of the single restaurant using our single window POS for the restaurant.

POS for Bar

A POS system for bars which allows you to control the business operation digitally by registering the financial data up to date in the cloud. Manage the orders, track of liquor stock, barrel count and many aspects with the single point solution.

POS for Retail

POS for the retail system offered by Vinew Technologies helps you to handle the retail transactions without any complications. The scalability it offers to adapt any kind of retail business assures you to handle multiple products and multiple business transactions under a single roof.

POS for Takeaway

Streamline the sales with the POS for Takeaway offered by Vinew Technologies. POS designed specially for takeaway will also help you to handle the online takeaway orders and also direct sales with the distinguished platform and easy to use UI.

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